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My learning path for 2018

My learning path for 2018



Currently I am in a search for advanced books on node.js and javascript, the market is full of learning node.js books with the first 4 chapters on how to install node on mac, windows and linux, and the last 4 to create a hello world app.

My starting choice for 2018:

Important advice! When your read a programming book experiment with the examples and try to understand them, there is not much point in reading it like literature.

If anyone can recommend a strong book on node.js I'l be very thankful.


Even if am not a big fan of udemy or other learning platforms, usually a course is a very good starter, and in kubernetes I am complete noob so it's ok.


As for practice we are building a quite complex system for one of our french customers, so there I'l be able to experiment and implement a micro-service oriented system.

Also I am opened to good start-up ideas, even the vast majority of my startups failed, they were an invaluable source of experience.

I hope that this article was helpful. If you like it, please share it with your friends and leave a comment; I will gladly answer all the questions.

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